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Friday, January 7, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet in mortal trouble, with her part catching up with her

In the midst of the steps leading to the marriage with Mann, with all the festivities ongoing, both Geet and Mann are facing some serious danger. Geet is somewhat vulnerable due to her pregnancy, and Mann remains very careful about her and to ensure that she does not face any danger.
For one, there is the presence of Arjun, Nayantara's brother who has come because of the problems that are being faced by Nayanatara and who has been provoked by the anger expressed by NT. NT has shown to Arjun that they all conspired against her and got her thrown out, and as a result, Arjun has vowed to take revenge against all of them, and has identified the sister of Mann, Annie as his weak spot.
And so Arjun manages to get a contract for doing the wedding planning of the marriage (where Geet manages to prevent him from being thrown out even when she learns that he is NT's brother). His aim is to spoil the marriage and also attack Annie, and he manages to do so by getting her interested in him; even when Annie learns about him being the brother of NT, she still does not really send him away.
The biggest problem is Brij, who is out of jail and who wants nothing else other than to avenge the apparent insult that Geet has caused to the family honour, and what better way than to kill Geet and Mann. He manages to get a job as a cook for the wedding, and has attacked Geet once already, by locking her in the bathroom and increasing the temperature incredibly. She manages to survive, and now Mann is on his total guard, increasing the level of security in the house.

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