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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The situation turns embarrassing for Manav, since he is seen as a waiter

Some of the characters in the serial are being shown with some twists in their character. The biggest surprise has been in the nature of the 2 sisters of Archana, Varsha and Vaishu. Both of them seem to be totally against Maanav, and to some extent against Maanav. Their sister-in-law Manju is also totally against Maanav, and also against Archana to a large degree.
Things are slowly moving to a head in the story regarding the double life of Dharmesh, who was already married to Madhuri and had a son, before he got married to Vaishu, who is also now pregnant. The story is moving closer to a revelation, with Vaishu slowly starting to feel a bit uneasy, and the story being shown as showing Madhuri and Vaishu bumping into each other at various intervals, and some close situations where Vaishu could have come face to face with the truth. Both Maanav and Archana know the truth, and Dharmesh knows that they know, and hence is very worried about what Maanav will do.
The situation reaches an embarrassment when Maanav has taken a job as a waiter at a hotel, and by coincidence, Sateesh selects the hotel as the occasion for the marriage anniversary celebrations of his and Varsha's marriage. At the ceremony, they come across Maanav as his role of a waiter, and many of them feel very bad at the situation, such as Varsha, Vaishu, Manujsha, her mother, etc, since they feel that it reflects badly on their family if a son-in-law is working as a waiter, and also feel that Maanav deliberately did this so that everybody would be humiliated. However, Maanav does not care too much for this, since he feels that this is a job like any other job and he needs to do this to take care of his wife and their future. Further, Satheesh is also supporting, but he never forces the issue with Varsha since she would pick up a fight with him on this.

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