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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Separation between Anandi and Jagdish increases

For some time now, the point of tension for many viewers about Balika Vadhu has been the fact that they showed a child marriage, and mostly they have been showing the relation between the young couple which was all well and fine; this could portray a situation where child marriage is encouraged.
Apparently the makers of the serial seem to have agreed to this, since they have started showing a lot of tension in the marriage. Jagdish was pushed to go to town to become a Doctor, and initially he could not stand the pressure, but finally got courage to go and resume his study. As he started his studies and learnt more about city life, he started becoming more modern and as a result, the ways of the village became more backward to him; and this included Anandi; they started getting more separated. Each time when Jagdish would come to the village, Anandi would be waiting for him, but she started seeing him as colder and colder. In fact, the time period between each visit to the village also increased, and he would come to the village only once a year.
And then the next step happened - he started liking a college classmate called Gauri, and this feeling was reciprocated. He never told this girl about his wife, and his own friends started getting repulsed by his actions. He does not have any desire to go back to his village anymore, living in Mumbai is what interests him. He tells Gauri through the story of his friend, and she protests against the story, saying that the guy is cheating both his females, cheating on his wife and on the new friend that he has made. Anandi is very apprehensive about his actions, but she does not know about the story of Gauri; although her friend seems to know about this.

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