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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Archana and Maanav move back into the house to help Savita

The serial had moved into a mode whereby Archana and Maanav had finally decided that they needed to be close to each other, and hence had got married even when their individual family members were not wanting this. As a result, they had to spend some time in absolute misery, with Maanav hunting for a job, being shunned by their respective families, and also having to live in a very poor place. The only support they got was some moral support from Ajit and Satish, and the total support of the parents of Archana, because of which they decided to live with them when Archana was unwell.
Over a period of time, things got better for many of their relationships, with Archana and Manav having made up with all of Archana's family members; the biggest problem was in terms of the relationship with Manav's mother Savita. She had got unsupportive of the marriage between Manav and Archana, and would literally blame Archana for stealing her son away from her, and also blamed Manav for totally being under the influence of his wife, leaving his father and mother; she wanted Manav to come back but without Archana, something that Manav refused. Over a period of time, she accepted that Manav and Archana were together, but refused to have a relationship with them.
However, things started getting worrisome for Manav and Archana when it turned out that Savita was getting into a problem; she was starting to slide into depression. She would not react as fiercely to others if there was a problem as it used to be in the past; the only such reaction she was giving was to Archana and Manav. The doctor had advised that the loss of both of her sons, Sachin (dead) and Manav (left) had caused a huge emotional distress; and as a result, Manav and Archana decided to move back into the house even if Savita would keep on screaming at them.

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