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Monday, April 18, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - The separation between Mann and Geet drags on

The serial takes the story between these 2 people in love with each other, keeps on giving them distances between each other, and then brings them together. For many of these instances, the distances get caused due to circumstances such as the revelation of the news that it was Mann's own brother Dev who had cheated Geet, and who was also the father of Geet's impending child, the product of the one night (the wedding night) that Dev spent with Geet. As a result of this revelation and numerous other issues between them, the couple would invariably part and then come together again.
In the present case, Geet is very distressed after losing her baby when she feel down the stairs, and as a result, has gone into somewhat of a depressive state; from which Mann and the rest of the family is trying to get her out of. At this time, Geet decides that she needs to make a break with her complete past, and decides that this also means forgiving Dev for whatever he had done to her. However, Mann is unable to understand as to how Geet can forgive Dev for whatever he has done, and in a fit of anger, claims before Geet that he is not able to understand, somebody from a better blood would never have forgiven this. She is very hurt and decides to leave the house.
She manages to do this before somebody can stop her, and leaves for Amritsar; and now everybody starts hunting for her. They eventually find her, but before they can do that, her cousins and aunt find her, and over the next few days, figure out that she has left Mann (they have never met Mann). Mann eventually meets her in the local market, but she tells him that he has hurt her tremendously, and she does not see how the relationship can work. Mann then decides to work in the house as a driver, so that he can be close to her. Now, the serial is starting to get slow.

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