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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Navya - A new serial on Star Plus about the trials and life of a young college girl

There are many serials on TV that show characters having the conflict between the challenges of a modern life, and the contrast this brings to the life of a young college girl who lives within a traditional family. For such a situation, there are a number of challenges that can come up, which can force the girl to make choices, and sometimes things can happen that are beyond her control and which in turn can cause her family to even doubt her.
Something similar happens in the story of Navya, a new show starting on Star Plus from 4th April, 2011; and which appears on every weekday from Monday to Friday 10 PM. The character of Navya is played by Soumya Seth, who plays a 19 year old living in Mumbai and staying as part of a middle class family. Navya is traditional like the rest of her family, wanting to keep distance from anything including boys, new ways. She is literally shown as a very innocent and sweet girl.
Her father is somewhat of a confused man, since he is equally conservative, believes his daughter, but is afraid of the advanced ways of the new generation and wants to make sure that his rules are followed. This is seen fairly quickly in the serial, when you can see the celebration of Valentine's Day in the college, where Navya attends. Further, there is a boy from a traditional family as well, Anant, who opposed the attack on the college by some people opposed to the celebration of Valentine's Day. Navya sees Anant, and seems to identify with him, even though she knows that she needs to keep a distance from him.
However, there is come confusion when Navya's father sees them, and thinks that Navya knows the boy. However, he soon realizes the truth and accepts that Navya had not done anything wrong.


Anonymous said...

Navya is a new TV serial on Star Plus starting from 4th April, 2011. Navya on Star Plus is scheduled to air every Monday to Friday at 10 PM in India. Navya TV serial symbolises the young generation of India with traditional ideals and rules of modern world.

tomcat said...

hai,navya and anant,i luv u both.i dont knw hindi.even then i watch this serial becoz of u guys.nw i can understand hindi better.anant pls,dont leave navya

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