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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fauji - Shahrukh Khan's first serial on air

I was reading some stuff about good old time when there was only Doordarshan, and my thoughts went back to some of the serials we used to watch at that point, and of which memories are somewhat dim. I remember Fauji as one of them, and one of the reasons why it is so remembered is because it was the serial that introduced Shahrukh Khan to Indian television, and then I found an interview with Lekh Tandon who had made the serial, and he revealed that Shahrukh had actually started shooting for another serial called Dil Dariya first, but Fauji was the first one to be released. One interesting point was that he forced Shahrukh to cut his hair for the serial.
Fauji was about commandos joining their training school. Shahrukh Khan was Abhimanyu Rai, a bright young, but naughty trainee. His elder brother Vikram is a senior training officer, who cannot behave with any leniency towards Shahrukh. In one incident, Vikram sentences Shahrukh to a rigorous punishment, but then forgets about him. When he remembers, Shahrukh is still struggling with that punishment even as he is near collapse.


Shruti said...

came to ur blog through India Counts..
Nice review, Fauji is a serial which i remember till date, and till date i remembered i first comment after seeing the Shahrukh in the serial that whats's the name of this cute guy..
Anyway, nice to be hear..
Take care..

Jigar Upadhyay said...

fauji is one of my all time fav serial more then shahrukh its the old dd charm tht makes me nostalgic..for all fauji lovers dvd is out now for the first time..chk out the link below.

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