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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Music reality shows, their judges and fighting ..

I was watching Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for the first time in this season. It was really good to see that Ashaji is there for the judgement,she makes everybody feel so proud that we have such a gem in India.
I have written about this show earlier also but I could not resist writing again on it again. Watching this show after all the melodramatic shows during the week (any family drama you watch) brings the moments of freshness and pride that we have so much great talent in the world. On the same hour, a new show named Voice of India hosted by Shaan and judged by Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet, Aadesh Srivastava and Jatin or Lalit(i am not sure). Everybody who is watching these shows can easily make the difference between these two shows, partly due to the quality of judges. Without doubt, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has more weight. But one question that came into my mind was abouot why did Shaan not host the show? He had left this show and Zee TV also and switched over to Star Plus. Sure there must be some differences, but nodoby is saying anything much...
I could sense that there is a discomfort between Himesh Reshamiya and Ashaji when the two
contestants of Himesh's gharana were judged. I was quite satisfied with what Ashaji said but the tone sometimes Himesh uses is so rude and full of attitude. The arrogance comes right through. I dont know whether this is just to gain publicity and increase the TRPs or whether it is actual.
It is equally likely that all this fighting is there to keep user interest, given that these people are all in the show business, and Himesh has a movie coming up soon (Aap Ka suroor; so far I have yet to find a friend who will publicly admit that he/she will watch the movie). But I just hope this show keeps going on like this...All the Best!!!

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