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Monday, May 7, 2007

INDIAN IDOL 3- starts all over again with all the hu-hulla...

And why not??
This is one of the first reality shows that has made the whole nation crazy. Immense participation from the public via SMS's making Sony happy over TRP's + their mobile operator and Sony earning from all the SMS's. The first Indian Idol was Abhijeet Sanwant, second was Sandeep Acharaya and the third one ... yet to find out !!
This show is shown on Sony Entertainment and hosted by none other than Mini Mathur who
hosted the other two Indian Idols and nonono ... not Aman Verma (whom I dont like) but
Hussain (Sumit of Kumkum fame).
Indian Idol provides a platform for real (or people who might think they have) aspirants to show their singing talents to the nation and make their mark in this talent show to determine the best undiscovered talent. The judges for this show are Anu Malik, Udit Narayan, Alisha Chinoy and Javed Akhtar. If they can impress the judges, then an excellent career awaits them.
I was watching Indian Idol 3, in one of the episodes there was one fan of Alisha, he had just come to see her, brought a cake, flowers and what not for her and to be very true was a horrible singer. The judges told him that he had touched them emotionally but not on the singing part.He already knew that, he just wanted to see Alisha and cried when he was going. So what I want to say is there are many contestants who just come to have a look of their idols.
And sometimes you feel bad for the participants when these judges make fun of them and dismiss them as no good. Actually I have always got a mixed view on this, sometimes
I feel that they are doing right but sometimes they (from what I have seen in the last Indian
Idol) really make fun of them. That is something I don't appreciate.
Indian Idol is an adaptation of the blockbuster ‘Pop Idol’ format. It took the nation by storm in its very first season and followed that with an equally popular season 2. I wish 'ALL THE BEST' to Indian Idol 3.

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