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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- a talent show with a different format

Though I am not a very regular spectator of this show but I still feel that this is one show which brings into limelight the real talent. The singers that come on the stage and perform knows the real meaning of music, and they have been trained to some extent as well. That is a different thing to say who is better but all of them at least know ABC of music. As far as I remember the first host of this show or should I say that when I started watching this show was Sonu Nigam, at that time it was like no body can replace him as a host. But then Shaan came and he had his own peculiar style of hosting the show. May be I started watching it more often when Shaan was there, I liked him better.
In 2005, Hero Honda Sa re Ga Ma Pa- Challenge 2005 came that promised to go beyond just the participants. It was a contest between the 4 Mentors themselves - Aadesh Srivastav, Himesh Reshmayiya (whom I recognized after that show and started becoming more popular), Ismail Darbaar and Jatin-Lalit who came together only to battle against one another in a bid to make their team win the title of the Challenge 2005 series. And in that Ismail Darbaar won through Debojit of Assam.
In 2006, came Sa re Ga Ma Pa L'il Champs which was meant literally for those 'L'il Champs' who had an ear for music. Those between 6 - 14 years of age gave audition for the same and on the basis of selection by the esteemed jury - Alka Yagnik, Bappi Lahiri & Abhijeet Bhattacharya. If I am not wrong Sanchita won but kid that got the major limelight was Diwakar, a very sweet guy who could not see.
In 2007, Sa re Ga Ma Pa sangeet ka pratham vishwyudh has started with judges being Ismail Darbar, Himesh, Bappi Lehri and Vishal-Shekhar.Their entry into the first episode was very dramatic. Ismail came on a elephant, Himesh in a big car, Bappi on a horse and Vishal-Shekhar on motor-bikes and of course escorted by other people. All the more for for drama. Then there was some mystery about who the host will be before he was finally introduced.
The show is hosted by 20-year-old singer Aditya Narayan (son of Udit Narayan) who made his debut in playback singing as a ten-year-old with veteran Asha Bhosale in 1995 in the blockbuster movie ‘Rangeela’ about tension of going to school and drinking milk. So far he looks cute, let's see how this show goes. There would be confrontation, heated words, etc - just don't know how much of this is staged to get more people to watch the show.

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