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Friday, May 4, 2007

Ghar Ek Sapna - Can be interesting if handled correctly

This is a serial that has only spent around 4 months on air, and by the standard of Indian soap operas, it has only just started, so the story is sure to take on a number of twists and turns. One thing is clear though, it is very different from the K-serial type saas bahu serials. Here people are shown with good parts and bad parts, but you can see a motive. You do not get to see somebody being evil just because the director wanted to cast that character as evil.
This serial started only a few months back and is broadcast on Sahara One. It stars such leading characters as Alok Nath, Himani Shivpuri. The people playing the lead cast are Ujjwal Rana (Samman) and Shayantani Ghosh (Kakul). The story is somewhat different from other stories. It revolves around forced marriage, and what impact this forced marriage has on the lives of the people involved. A sensitive topic, when handled with care. Since the director of this serial is Ajai Sinha, who earlier directed Astitva - Ek Prem Kahani, one can hope that this subject will be treated in a good way.
So what is the serial all about ? It is about Samman from a metro, and Kakul from Bihar. Samma is already in love with Vanshika. They meet at a marriage, and Samman flirts with her. Kakul falls for him. In a twist of fate, Kakul's brother-in-law forces Samman to marry her at gun-point, and Samman does that out fear for his life. He certainly does not love her. His family refuses to accept her, but slowly she is able to convert most of them to like her. Samman's mother however cannot do so, and continues to detest her.
Another turning point in the serial comes when Samman finally forces her to leave the house and go back to her father's house. He does this even when he is scared of whether this could cause problems due to Kakul's family. Another twist (although somewhat predictable) comes at this precise interval when you see Kakul turning sick. Having watched enough serials, you know that she has to be pregnant, and of course she is.
However, she still leaves, but does not tell her father that the marriage is over. So, her father is glorious over her pregnancy even when the rest are wondering how to tell him. However, he is not very stupid, and so realizes that something is wrong and needs more investigation. This is where the story is at this point of time. Samman in the meantime is with Vanshika who accepts him back with the condition that he can never meet Kakul again.

1 comment:

Bharat said...

I am bored Of this saas bahu concept....
The other day i saw the show Hum Ladkiyan The show looks more realistic than the other soaps on TV now days the characters dont
look larger than life.. u know! the expensive fake sets and too much makeup all the time hope the
rest of the shows will learn some thing..wihs these girsl all the best :)
there are some interesting videos of the girls on the link below check it out &

Enjoy Nautanki TV