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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Dil Mil Gaye - Siddharth and Riddhima moving closer together, while Shilpa getting closer to Armaan

Dil Mil Gaye is living up to the name of the serial, where couples are getting closed together. So, you have the troubled duo of Siddharth and Riddhima getting closed together, agreeing to live together, and getting more comfortable with the idea of a physical relationship between them. At the same time, ever since Dr. Shilpa was introduced in the serial, it was clear that she would be the girl for Armaan, and they followed the traditional pattern for a romance.
Initially, the relationship between them was more hostile, with questioning each other's actions, asking strong questions of each other, helped by the fact that Armaan was still hurting to accept the fact that Riddhima would not come back to him, and was getting closer to Dr. Siddharth. However, as Armaan and Shilpa spent more time together, they were getting closer, and things turned over in the one night when they were out, and where Armaan got involved in a fight with a street gang, fighting back when Shilpa was threatened (and this seems to have turned the fight between them into the basis for a romance).
On the other hand, the story of riddhima's birthday became more complex, when Siddharth was to setup a party for Riddhima, and asked Shilpa for help. She had Armaan's old diary for help, where a description of a previous birthday party for Riddhima was listed (but without any reference to Riddhima); so when the party happened, both Riddhima and Armaan were shocked at the party. And the shock to Armaan was that he got drunk in the party.


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