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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - The elections are near, and Sia is also expecting a baby

The scene is cast in Na Aana Is Des Ladoo. After a long period where it seemed that Sia had given up the fight, she is back in the bitter fight against Ammaji and is standing up against her in the local elections. Something that is troubling Ammaji to a large extent, since she believes that the women of the village would vote for Sia and make things difficult for her.
Raghav is providing full support to Sia in this, and standing up to his mother, something for which she blames Sia, believing that Sia has taken her son away from her. Further, Raghav was a strong person she had, and so this is causing her more problems. Attempts were made to get Raghav away from the campaign, including by attacking him and causing injuries that would prevent him for supporting Sia. However, all this does not deter Raghav and he decides to continue to stand by the side of Sia, including when aspersions were cast on her.
Sia is trying to empower the women of the village, so that they can fight the injustices being done on them, and some of this message is starting to get through to the women, in a couple of cases, women are shown as standing up to their husbands.
Further, the police presence in the village is troubling Ammaji, since the police is preventing injustice being done, and preventing people such as Joginder from causing problems and doing vote fraud. However, Ammaji has one last card up her sleeve. She goes out and claims that she would want people to vote for Sia, especially since Sia is expecting Raghav's child, and she hopes that his action will make sure that all the menfolk will vote for Ammaji, and make them also prevent their wives from going out to vote.

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