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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - The plans of Megha are finally defeated, with her truth being revealed

Bandini suddenly saw one of the mini-series within the serial coming to and end. The entire drama of Dr. Megha and Vishal has come to an end, with her being exposed as a fraud, and with Santu being restored to her former position. The last 2 episodes caused this entire transformation, and made everything right again.
Dr. Megha was on her way to marry DM (although how DM could marry again since he had not yet divorced Santu was something that no one bothered to explain) based on the fact that DM had a son by her, Vishal. And even though DM refused to believe that he had any relation with her, the DNA evidence was there that Vishal was indeed DM's son; and when Santu came to know of this, she left DM and forced him to marry DM. However, a chance encounter with a nurse from 10 years back revealed to Santu that Vishal was actually her and DM's son, and that Megha was upto something, she comes back to defeat that plan.
For some time, it seems that Santu is not able to do anything much, since Megha has stolen the letter, and then when Santu gets a DNA test done in order to prove that she is the rightful mother of Vishal, she does so after telling Megha, and in turn, Megha works with the doctor doing the test to change the report. Then, at the actual time of the marriage, Megha and Sarang (who Megha takes as an ally) plot to kidnap Santu and take her away from the house; however, in the end, they show that it is indeed Santu who gets married to DM (or re-married as they say), and when the truth is revealed, it is Motiben who assaults Megha, and asks the police to take her away.
However, Vishal is very distresses that Megha is going away, and maybe that will form the basis for the next mini-story.

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