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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - Sia and Raghav break away from Ammaji, with Sia also standing for elections

A whole lot of drama in the last few weeks; for some time now, there has been lot of feedback that the original theme of Sia standing up to Ammaji, and protesting against what she does to women's rights has got thwarted and badly watered down. Sia would seem totally submissive to Ammaji, and it was left to others to raise the banner of revolt against Ammaji, with Ammaji's own daughter Amba doing the same. However, Ammaji managed to overcome all these challengers, and remained supreme.
Now, the show is back to a contest between Sia and Ammaji, over the case of Gajendra attempting to rape the maid Gunja, and killing her in the process. Sia gets the truth out of Gaji by scaring him at night (but the others do not know this). Ammaji does not approve of Sia claiming that Gaji is guilty and starts to take measures to protest his innocence. In the court case against Gaji, the former lover of Gunja is forced to claim that Gunja was of loose character, anything to ensure that nothing happens to Gaji.
Sia is forced to take a stand against Ammaji, including fighting the elections against her, with Raghav standing by her side. Ammaji throws them out of the house, and then Jogi decides to take steps against Sia, including sending his men to kidnap her. She does get kidnapped, which enrages Raghav, enough that he challenges Ammaji directly. However, it was not Jogi's men who had kidnapped her. Sia manages to escape the kidnappers, although she was in danger of getting raped by them. This now poses a bigger challenge to Ammaji, since it is feared that this will make people emotionally in favor of Sia.

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