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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet continues to shy away from Maan because of her own constraints

The serial is showing a lot of time in getting the 2 main characters together, especially since they have their own issues. Maan is a person who is focused on his work, but is getting closer to Geet and it is taking time for him to realize this. However, now he is pretty sure that he is indeed attracted to Geet, and from the time that he comes closer to her, he feels that she is reciprocating; and indeed, she is, since she is also coming close to her. However, she realizes that she should move away from Maan, and is facing her own problems in getting away from him. She tried to stay away from him, but there were so many circumstances due to which she came closer to him, including a scenario where she trips on something and falls on him, bringing her into face to face contact with Maan. In another scene, they show both of them hugging, and for a long period, but however, she does manage to get away, trying to give the impression to Maan that she is not really with him, and would prefer to stay away from him. He is distressed at this, and is now shown as trying to understand what happened, and being hostile towards her (although this might be a bit brief).
At the same time, there is another complication into the picture. Geet was briefly married to a guy named Dev who pretended to be a NRI from Canada, and who betrayed her. And now Dev is coming back into the picture, with him and his wife Nayantara coming back into the same city, and Nayantara is getting jealous at the apparent contact of Dev with Geet.

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