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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Constant changes in the relations between key people

The serial seems to be losing its touch and becoming boring. One of the key features of the serial besides the inclusion of vampires and werewolves was the fact that the serial moved fast (unlike the traditional saas bahu serials), and the viewers did not get bored. However, that seems to have changed, and the story line of the serial has started dragging a bit. The storyline also seems to be getting a bit confused; recently the serial did something that was abhorrent - they devoted huge chunks of one episode to the promotion of Reebok, and I was very disgusted with that.
Currently, Abhay has the quest to keep Piya safe, but at the same time, prevent her from getting involved with him. So, he first strikes a deal with Misha that he would pretend that Misha and he were involved, this would also ensure that Piya would stay away from him and not get involved. During the course of this, Misha also learns that she was thinking wrong about Abhay, and he was a decent person. Then next, Piya learns that this affair between Misha and Abhay was a drama, and so, Misha tells Piya that actually it is an affair between Panchi and Abhay, and since Panchi is engaged, she has to hide this affair. And Piya accepts this; although with some brief portions of her memory coming back, she realizes that she has deep feelings for Abhay as well. So, like most times in the show, she remains confused.
Abhay is even more confused than Piya, since he cannot figure out who the werewolf is. He knows that there are werewolves in the house, and that Dipannita is not who she is (Danish has been doing all the investigation). Dipanita's younger son, Jay, believes that he is in an affair with Piya (although Piya remains confused as ever); and Abhay suspects that all this is also part of a plan to trap and kill him. And now they have introduced another character, Alina, shown to be Dipanita's daughter. Whenever she and Abhay look at each other, it is pretty clear that there is some tension in the air.

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