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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - The marriage between Ram Kapur and Priya just about to happen

So far this serial on Sony TV has been an interesting serial, with a not very complicated story. You have 2 middle aged persons, supposedly past the marriageable date, where they have not married because of multiple reasons, part of which involves supporting their families. So Ramp Kapur is the well off businessman who has been supporting his family. However, he does not know that his step-mother does not think kindly of him and does not want well of him, since she wants him to be in such a position where he continues to support the family. Her brother and others also work for Ram, but do no good and are part of her machinations. Ram has a younger sister on whom he dotes on, and cannot tolerate any kind of trouble to come to her, as a result of which she has becomes spoiled and ill-mannered.
Priya lives in a middle class family, is very attached to her family, and is a professor otherwise. She has had a series of run-ins with Ram Kapur over different occasions in the past, and was somewhat uncomfortable with the decision of marriage (which was sought to be a marriage of convenience since their younger siblings were also getting married). Ram's mother wanted him to be married to a simple girl since then should continue to control everything that is happening, and hence felt that Priya would be very suitable for this occasion.
Now, the wedding ceremonies have started happening, but there was a complication. Ram was diagnosed with high Blood Pressure and admitted to hospital just when the mehendi ceremony was going to start, and as a result of that, he was missing from the ceremony. After initially hiding this from Priya, Ram's friend told her about this and she came to see Ram in the hospital.

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