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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Everybody helping Pashu when he is kicked out for meeting Malthi

The show is a serious show about a family where there is no woman except for the new daughter-in-law, Toasty. Except that the show does not get serious too much, and there is always some sort of comical sequence to lighten up the show and ensure that the show remains watchable. In the current sequence of activities, Toasty was trying her best to ensure that her elder sister-in-law, Malthi is brought back to the family. Malthi and Pashu had a big falling out, and Malthi caused huge harm to the family by accusing them of demanding dowry; police came and took them away. All this caused the family to start hating Malthi, and hence any demand to bring her back would be opposed to a large degree. However, Toasty was trying her best to ensure that the relationship comes back to track, and she has made significant progress, by being able to persuade many of the family members, including Pashu. They can also see changes in Malthi, whereby she was regretful of the damage that she did and the accusations that she made.
However, the Pitaji in the house is not happy with the attempt to reconcile with Malthi, and tells Pashu to get out of the house for meeting Malthi secretly, now the rest of the family has brought Pashu back into the house and are trying to keep him hidden from Pitaji, while also seeing how Pitaji can be made to change his mind. They are trying to see how Pitaji can be made to miss Pashu and thus allow him to come back.
Malthi has also takem a strong step in changing her life by banishing her mother back to the village, since it was the mother who kept on her moving her away from Pashu, provoking her, and this sending away of the mother could change a lot of things.

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