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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Manav manages to avoid getting trapped in a plan by his secretary

There is a lot of buzz ongoing about the serial going in for the Ekta Kapoor specialization, the 20 year move whereby the serial moves ahead by 20 years, but the only thing that changes is the perceived age of the characters. Even the vehicles seem the same, which is the strangest thing since in 20 years, you can expect huge changes in the appearance and types of vehicles. Because of this supposed change, there is a lot of curiosity that the serial will lose the main characters of Sushant (Maanav) and Ankita (Archana).
The serial is going through a lot of drama. Dharmesh is again plotting against Maanav, this time using the conduit of a new secretary of Maanav, called Riya. She appears very friendly to Maanav, but on the side, she has told Archana that she will steal Maanav away from Archana, and Archana will not be able to do anything about this.
Archana does not know the proper way of handling such a problem, and her initial steps only increase the problem. She confronts Riya, and the news gets to Maanav. Riya creates a drama, about resigning her job, in the meantime provoking Maanav that she is only concerned that his wife does not trust him, something which causes Maanav to get more provoked, and he also confronts Archana about whether she trusts Maanav or not, he is not bothered about what Riya had actually told Maanav. However, there is a bigger hand to play in this, it is about the role of Savita, who counsels Archana and finally when Dharmesh and Riya try and catch Maanav by implicating him after drugging him, it is Savita who reveals the truth since she shot a video that shows Dharmesh actually taking videos.

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