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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Ichcha in another house, Tapasya with Rathod, searching for the baby

Uttaran is going through a lot of drama, with all the characters having drama positions. Tapasya has left Veer's home (rather, Veer asked her to leave after he found that Ichcha was telling the truth about the father of Tapasya's baby). But, he was also in shock due to all that has been done to Ichcha, and is unable to locate her (which makes him feel that Ichcha has now left him, and he blames himself for not supporting her like he should have).
Tapasya goes off with Rathod, but not before dropping her baby at an orphanage for an hour or so (and she gives the baby to somebody at the doorstep of the orphanage, who turns out to be a thief. Since she has so stupidly handed over the child to the thief, as soon as she leaves, the thief leaves from there and takes the child but then abandons the child. Tapasya goes to Rathod, and is finally agreeable to marry him, since she feels that this will bring some stability to her life. However, when she tries to find the baby back (who she had so stupidly lost), she learns that the baby is not be found. Rathod is now in the quest to find the baby (it is his child after all), but things are not so simple. However, whenever Tappu tries to play dominant in some way, Rathod does cut her down to size very easily (sometimes reminding her about trying to follow the polite norms of life and at other times reminding her that it was her stupid decision to leave the baby at the orphanage).
And in a matter of coincidence, it is Ichcha and her mom who find the baby abandoned, and are then convinced by a guy standing there to take the baby and head off to a home where he claims that Ichcha will help an old man. Soon, Ichcha discovers that not everything is as it seems, and tries to get the truth out.

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