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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Major issues between Jigar and Rashi, Rashi in trouble

The serial Saathiya is a look at a family where the mother is the absolute tyrant in the family, everything she says is what is the law in the house; however, Koki is not a bitter or evil person, she understands when somebody is trying to do good, and when somebody is trying to trick her or do something that is against her principles.
She has 2 daughter-in-laws, with Gopi being the one who is good, but who is also shown as being more of a buffoon, who believes everything, and who believes that everyone is good. As a result, she can be easily mislead, or can be tricked into doing what others want. And the other is the other daughter-in-law, Rashi, who is cunning and sharp. She has a mother Urmi (whose son is married to Rashi's sister-in-law Kinjal). Both Rashi and Urmi try to ensure that they are smart, and are able to get what they want; however, by now Koki is very conversant with their tricks and does not lose an opportunity to poke fun at Rashi; she is also pretty happy with Gopi and understands the good nature of Gopi.
Rashi's husband, Jigar, for some time has not been clear about his wife's nature, but is now pretty clear. This is because of 2 instances, one where Rashi causes Sonal to be stranded in a dangerous area (Rashi gets Gopi to call Sonal, and then takes the air out of the tyres of Sonal's car, and then when she realizes that Sonal has not yet come back, is very panicked). The other is about when she tries to commit suicide (an act) and the doctor tells Jigar that his wife has only eaten sugar balls, not the naphthalene balls it seems like. He is very angry at Rashi, tells her that he knows all about her manipulative abilities, and he does not want to have a relationship with her, something that shocks Rashi a lot.

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