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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Gauri pregnant, due to circumstances, now at the Haveli

A strange twist of circumstances brings Gauri back to the Haveli. She is at a rural camp (a mandatory practice where young doctors are sent off to rural areas), and this is pretty close to Jetsar. Over there, Gauri encounters Phooli, who refused to be examined by Gauri, which embarrasses Gauri in front of her colleagues, and she is not able to explain the reason. She takes her frustration out on Anandi, blaming her for all the reactions that she is getting.
Soon after, Gauri comes to the haveli to follow Anandi and continue to yell at her. In the meantime, Anandi has sent off the fresh transfer of money to Jagya's account (something that Gauri does not know about) and sent off a confirmation SMS to Jagya.
Gauri somehow sees the message and is angry, since she believes that Anandi is sending the money in order to try and come between Gauri and Jagya. When she mentions this in the haveli, they tell her the truth about how Anandi sends money to Jagya on a regular basis for his expenses, and that as usual, Gauri has got the facts of the situation wrong. At this, Gauri faints.
When the doctor comes, he announces that Gauri is pregnant, at which Gauri, and the rest of the family is also shocked. Anandi is very shocked, since in the past, she would expected that she would have had Jagya's child. When Jagya gets to know (from Anandi), he is very happy. He also considers that this will change Gauri's priorities, and also ensure that this dadisa will be very happy. However, this reaction does not come in the way he expects, and things are going on in the same way as before.

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