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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bigg Boss Season 5 - More drama and more fights

Looks like the concept of Bigg Boss is to get as many people to watch the serial as much as possible, and with each season, the amount of tension and fights in each version has increased to a much higher degree every time. The first couple of versions did not have too much fighting, but as the years have gone by, the amount of fighting has increased drastically. Each time, there have been members in the serial who fight for no given reason, thus giving rise to the suspicion that these people have been told to fight as much as possible. As long as they do not actually physically fight, they are also retained and not evicted.
This time, with the season 5, there are some more changes. The serial started with some big name hosts, with the popular movie stars, Sanjay Dutt, and Salman Khan. In addition, the show started with many more women in the show, a total of 12 women, 1 transgender, and 1 has been movie actor (Shakti Kapoor). Over a period of time, 2 more men have come into the show. The contestants are:
Shakti Kapoor - Initially, the only male in the show.
Pooja Bedi - One of the initial brave faces of Indian cinema, who exposed as much as required, and did a couple of good roles.
Shonali Nagrani - A former contestant of Miss India and a TV anchor.
Nihita Biswas - Very famous for being the wife of Charles Sobhraj. Evicted on day 7.
Shraddha Sharma - Not a very well known television actress
Mandeep Bevli - A news anchor
Raageshwari - A former MTV VJ and did sundry other things
Vida Samadzai - Famous for participating as a Miss Afghanistan in the international pageant in 2003 and posing in a bikini
Mahek Chahal - An actress
Sonika Kaliraman Malik - A famous wrestler, and 6 months pregnant at entry into the show. She withdrew on Day 8
Pooja Misrra - The biggest fighter among the contestants, who is a former VJ and reality contest participant
Gulabo Sapera - A cultural person from Rajasthan, she was evicted on day 14
Laxmi Narayan - A transgender
Juhi Parmar - famous for being the main lead in a long running serial
Amar Upadhyay - Played the role of Mihir in the famous Star serial, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Entered on day 8
Siddharth Bhardwaj - Winner of MTV Splitsvilla. He entered on day 15.

1 comment:

SSN said...

The way Sky & Sidharth are behaving in this reality show (specially with some ladies in the house) I wonder what Big Boss is doing without attempting to put a stop to such unruly behaviour by Sky and Sidharth. These two guys are showing absolute disrespect for the ladies inmates. I am surprised why no notice or action is taken by the so called so many social police who talk about indian culture.
I would suggest all TV viewers to take a pledge to boycot all TV programs which feature these two uncultured guys (Sky & Sidharth). This is the only way to punish these guys for their misbehavior. No producer should ever give chance to these two guys.
I hope sensible people will agree to my views.

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