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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Discord between the newly married couples - Geet worried

There is a lot of news about how the show is soon going to end, and this news has been in the air now for quite a few months, with no confirmation. The latest thread about this talks about December being the latest timeframe in which the show will end. This is probably why the show is somewhat dragging right now, with no major event happening in the serial, something which gives the others a lot of tension and so on.
Right now, the main issue in the serial is about the ongoing tension in the new marriages that have happened. In a rush of marriages, 2 marriages happened, one between Dev and Nandini, and the other between Lucky and Prito. However, so normally happens, once a marriage happens, there are a lot of expectations, and also a lot of assuming things from the other person (although these have been increased to a large degree in the serial). So, there is a constant source of tension between all of them, and Geet is very worried about this discord. Initially, Mann told her that her that she should not get into these discussions, since these are for the married couples to resolve, but since the issues are getting more serious (and over apparently trivial issues) Geet wants to try and solve this.
So, Geet comes up with a probable solution whereby Geet and Mann will start to show a fight between them, something that will scare the others. In the meantime, they will also reverse positions, whereby the girls will work in the office and the boys will try and run the house, and there are numerous challenges in this strategy. Also, both Geet and Mann cannot really show togetherness too much, since then the others could get suspicious.

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