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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Misha getting bitten by Haseena

The serial has suddenly taken on a much more serious turn. For the last several episodes, they have been showing how Haseena has suddenly developed an intense desire for human blood, and as a result, her fellow vampires have been wondering at how dangerous she has actually become (since the vampires do not want to call attention to themselves by suddenly having a number of humans starting to appear dead with puncture wounds on their necks).
So, there has been a need to get Haseena out of the picture, and Abhay, as the leader of the vampires, agrees to this. Chand is very angry at this, but Abhay tells him that they will have a solution before it comes to killing off Haseena. Haseena in the meantime is under the influence of some mysterioous lady who wears a hood.
The situation gets even more deadly at the local festival. There, Kabir wants to make his love pitch to Misha, and so sends her a note to meet her outside. When Misha goes outside, before she can make it, Haseena appears on the scene and finding Misha alone over there, she sinks her fangs into Misha's neck, but before Misha can die, Abhay appears on the scene and tries to save Misha by using his own bite.
However, soon after, Kabir and the others arrive at the scene and see Misha lying almost dead, and Abhay very close by. Suspicion falls on Abhay, with Kabir and Arnab questioning him, and Jai trying to get Abhay into more trouble. Piya is also very suspicious about what has happened; Abhay manages to get out of the situation by claiming that she was bitten by a snake and he was trying to help her.

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