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Friday, March 7, 2008

Aladdin, Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek on Zee TV

Based on the famous story of Aladdin and his magical lamp (and produced by Applause Entertainment & Sagar Arts with some Computer Graphics - but not comparable to the best of CG that you see in movies), this is a serial that is full of drama. The story of Aladdin is taken from the Book of One Thousand and One Nights, Persian fables. The serial appears on Zee (started on November 16, 2007) and appears every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on 7:30 PM (prime time for children).

The show has new actors playing the prominent characters:
Mandar plays the 15 year old Aladdin
Nazea Hasan plays Princess Jasmin
Ranvijay Razdan plays Jafar
Arjun Dutt plays the Ginnie

The story of Aladdin is pretty familiar to a lot of people - Aladdin is a young boy whose parents were killed in his childhood by a wicked magician (remind anyone of Harry Potter?); he is brought up by his mother's sister and her husband, and is not exactly treated very well. His parents Zoya and Zahir were killed by the magician Jafar; now Jafar wants to get the magic lamp for his own needs, but the lamp is buried in a cave and the only person who can get the lamp has to be from a certain clan, bearing the mark of the sun, and the most important, has to have a pure soul, and Aladdin has all these hallmarks.
So Jafar tricks Aladdin to learn magic from him, and then get the lamp. Aladdin, with his companions, learns a lot, and manages to reach the cave based on his skills. He somehow manages to get the lamp, and escape the cave, and he has also learned that Jafar motives were evil, so he evades the magician. Now Aladdin has a magical carpet and the lamp, and slowly moves from adventure to adventure, till he meets the beautiful Princess Jasmine, but with Jafar always after him, he cannot stay long. What will Aladdin do ? How can he escape the magician ? Does he get the princess ?
Watch the serial to learn more.

Watch a video from the serial:

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