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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Banoo Main Teri Dulhan on Zee at 8 PM

When last seen, this serial was thought of reaching a strange conclusion with Sagar and Vidya both having been killed by Sindhura. However, this is now a story of reincarnation. Both Vidya and Sagar are destined to come back to this world with the same faces, new identities. And the concept would be that they would meet, and ultimately get Sindoora's guilt proven. So, the story moves on.
The 21 years after Vidya's and Sagar's death pass by in a flash, and soon a Vidya lookalike, Divya comes onto the scene. Given that this is a reincarnation, it is quite natural that everybody will start converging onto the same place; so Divya is born as a modern girl whom Samraat has started loving. When Divya brings her to the house as a guest, everybody is astonished since she looks exactly like Vidya.
Divya is very confused with all this attention that she is getting from people in the household and even outside who keep on calling her Vidya. Eventually she asks as to who is Vidya. Sandhoora is not happy with all this that is going on.
And then the movement towards meeting of Divya and Amar (the reincarnated version of Vidya). Amar is now loving in Benaras, and so it is but natural that Divya has to come to Benaras. And they meet, Divya initially having some strong words with Amar, although he is now somewhat getting fond of her; she however still feels strongly about having been forced to apologize to him. And so, it goes on.

A video from Banoo Main Teri Dulhan.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Time pass serial....moving around Sindoora and Vidya/Divya Only. Bakwaas....Sindoora is fearlessly killing all, other dont dare to speak against..even when she shoots the couple, no one resists. No body even police, there to know/find about this. perhaps Sindoora is the Queen? Not possible in real life. thats why people watch this sort of story....for time pass.

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