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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saloni Ka Safar: Finally the gloves are coming off

There were some very interesting last few weeks in Saloni Ka Safar, with some of the scenes being very unrealistic. So, we had Saloni behaving very strangely against her family (under threat of harming the son of her brother-in-law and sister-in-law), to the extent that she told her husband that she had aborted her baby because having a child would affect her career. Initially, Nahar was shown as compromising, but when the abortion is revealed, he finally revolts and then the elderly matriarch of the family kicks her out.
When Saloni is thus out of her home, she has an accident (in which another of her sister-in-laws, Aditi-sa) dies, and Saloni suffers because of this accident. So, she has not only lost her memory (a not so new touch after an accident), but she has regressed back to the time when she was a kid, and does not remember incidents soon after her childhood (this touch was something new, since I have not seen such an interpretation before). This is a good time to bring Neel back into the serial, since he is again a good man (very hard to understand character, he keeps on switching between being a good man and a bad man - the next time he appears on the serial, I am sure that he will again be depicted as bad).
He takes care of Saloni, and this causes his fiancee (the beautiful doctor) to be suspicious of his intentions, especially since did not tell them about his history with Saloni. And then wonders of wonders, Nahar turns up in the same place (a bit hard to believe all the coincidences that keep on happening), sees a photo of Neel and points him out to Neel's fiancee's parents as a very undesirable character. However, by this time Nahar is incredibly angry (since he believes that Saloni has been deceiving him), and takes his gun (I am pretty sure that he does not have a permit for the gun) in order to kill Saloni. After some fights, Nahar is convinced that Saloni is innocent, and it does not take long for the love to come bursting back.
In the meantime, Jiji has come back into their life as the wife of their unknowing Kakasa, and makes their life miserable since he tells them about the son of Brajesh and his wife being alive, and at the mercy of Jiji. They agree to do whatever she wants as long as Jiji does not harm their son, and in the meantime, Kaka does not know anything about all this that is happening. Jiji has not forgotten her abiding affection for Brajesh, and does not forget to remind Tara about this.
It all comes together when in another natural event, Saloni gets her memory back (and after initially attacking Neel, she forgives him when requested to do so by Nahar). She then reveals that she had been doing all this based on the threats by Jiji, and it also seems possible that Nahar's sister had died due to Jiji only. At this, Nahar gets violent, wanting to kill Jiji, and then Saloni stops him; she will handle Jiji now.

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