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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shararat comedy serial on Star Plus

For a break from all the heavy saas-bahu serials on Indian television, it is necessary that we have comedies also playing. Of course, many times these comedies are not exactly very good. One serial that does not try too hard, and manages to keep the whole atmosphere very light is called 'Shararat'. It used to originally appear on Star Plus, and now comes on Disney India. The serial is primarily based on an English serial called Bewitched.
The story is of 3 generations of a family. A long time back, a lady called Rani Devi was very good and kind, and she was given a blessing by a sage - she would get magical powers and these powers would be handed down the generations to daughters, not to sons. However, in a slight twist, Rani Devi sneezed at the sage when the power transfer was happening and the sage modified the power to be ineffective if the lady had a cold (this would be for a period of 24 hours).
This was from a much earlier generation, and now the modern generation has these powers as well. First there is Nani (grandmother Sushma played by Farida Jalal), her daughter Radha (played by Poonam Narula Goel), her son-in-law Suraj (played by Mahesh Thakur), and the grand-daughter Jiya (played by Shruti Seth). There is a constant skirmish between Mahesh and his mother-in-law (in fact, Mahesh got to know about the magical properties of his wife and mother-in-law soon after marriage and was not so happy). Whenever his mother-in-law gets angry with him, she turns him into some creature or the other.
Then there is Shanti Saberwal (Shoma Anand), the nosy neighbor who feels that something is strange in their house, but never can seem to find out exactly what. Things keep on happening mysteriously, but she can never figure out what exactly is happening. The serial also focuses on Jiya who is a recent learner of magic, and who also uses magic in her college (where she likes Druv), while a new girl Pam seeks to be the center of attention.

A video shot from the serial:

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