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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kasturi - Just desserts for Kasturi right now

This is the beauty of making a serial, you can change the story any which way and thus cause the story to go on and on. In Kasturi, till some time back, the story was all about how Kasturi, the dutiful wife of Raunak would get revenge on music superstar Robbie for Raunak's death.
It all started at a stage in Kasturi's (Shubhangi Atre Poorey) life when she reaches a stage where family honor is at stake because of Robbie's doings. It is at that stage when Kasturi is facing everybody's anger that Raunak steps in and offers to marry Kasturi. Kasturi accepts and becomes devoted to Raunak, an ideal wife. However, Robbie is very angry about this and keeps on needling them both. And then Raunak dies and Kasturi blames Robbie for his death.
Kasturi eventually marries Robbie in order to gain revenge, and keeps on attempting to try to get revenge even while pretending to be a dutiful wife. She even pretends to be pregnant so that she remains loved by everyone. And even when she is revealed to be false, she still gains her revenge since Robbie falls severely sick and is comatose for an year.
Kasturi in the meantime returns home to Benaras, and coincidentally, Robbie is also taken to Benaras for treatment at an ashram where Kasturi meets him again. She tries to help him out, but it is too late. She soon finds out that everything she did was fake; Raunak is alive and she was just a pawn in the hands of Raunak to gain revenge on Robbie for all the past better treatment that Robbie had got as opposed to Raunak. She is mortified to know this, and despairs of the way that she had treated Robbie.
However, now Robbie cannot stand her. He blames her (rightly so) for everything that had gone wrong with him in the past 1 year, and wants to divorce Kasturi and instead marry Anita, who professes to love him.
The continuing story is about how Kasturi will suffer ill-treatment at the hands of Robbie and his mother Devika while staying devoted to Robbie. Robbie on the other hand just wants to get rid of her so that he can marry Anita. And then enters Devika's elder sister (Sudha Chandran), who will try and set things right.

A sample video of the serial from Youtube (watch more):

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