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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Update on Teen Bahuraniyan on Zee

Teen Bahuraniyan on Zee weekdays at 10:30 has been going through some strange events. For a TV serial, things have been changing a lot; must be easy being able to modify whatever you want from day to day in order to prolong the story. Anyhow, nobody could have predicted the story that the serial would take just a few weeks before.
The serial makers must have had some issues with the actress playing Manjeet (Manva Naik) since they decided to make her character suddenly vanish. So, in a short span, it was declared that first Manjeet saved Koki from getting kicked out of the house, and this totally turned Koki. Koki was now much more closer to Manjeet because of her actions, and seemed to turn a new leaf.
And then the bombshell. There was talk of a medical report, and it soon became clear that now Manjeet had a very severe form of cancer and the disease is in a terminal stage. The whole family is horror-struck, and especially Koki. Equally horror struck is Mahesh Gheewala (Prashant Chaddha), her husband. And then she dies soon after. The whole family is now in grief at the sudden departure.
However, things do not change suddenly in the household. When Bindiya wants to overcome her grief, her husband Rohit suggests her going to the office along with him in order to change her mind. Indu leaves no chance to try and taunt her or provoke Bindiya's mother with some words, but she gets little support.
Additionally, a new story has started where Vrinda's mausi's husband (injured and in a comatic state since the car crash), Sumit is regaining consciousness. He does not even know that his children have died 4 years back, and he is starting to ask for them. Vrinda tells all this to the family so that they know what is going on.

Videos of Teen Bahuraniyaan from Youtube.

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