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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Adalat - The first time that the serial has gone into the concept of reincarnation

Adalat is a serial that is based on the activities of a defense attorney who mostly defends people in murder investigations. The serial has a lot of drama, especially the way that the defense lawyer (known as KD Pathak, who refused to tell the full form of KD) works in court. He flouts many of the principles, goes to sites, finds evidence, and then presents these in court himself (which seems very strange, since how can a defense attorney, who is defending the convict, be trusted to actually present evidence that can exonerate his client). He can browbeat the prosecutor, and even the judge (and in one case, almost forced the judge to reverse his decision, or atleast delay the decision).
Till now the serial works on the basis that the serial does not support any kind of paranormal activity, always trying to dispel other people who talk about ghosts / spirits, and so on. However, in a 2 part episode, the serial, for the first time, actually propagated the concept that reincarnation works. So, there is a 20 year old from Goa who comes to KD and asks for getting his mother, convicted of murdering him 20 years back, off, since he does not believe that his mother was the guilty one.
KD for some time does not believe, and is very puzzled as to how to bring this case to court, since the judge will kick the case out of court if he figures out that the case was built on the basis of reincarnation; so he showcases facts as if he got them from a diary. Finally, when the information comes out, the judge is going to close the case, but KD gets him to listen to the young man for some time, and finally is able to prove that somebody else has done the murder.

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