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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Getting closer to each other in Australia

The couple have been forced to go to Australia for the honeymoon, since everybody is after them for the same. Even Ram's step-mom is not worried about this, since she believes that Ram will never get close to Priya, so she is confident, even though her son and brother both are not confident. Both Ram and Priya console each other, with the thought that just because they are going for a honeymoon does not mean that they will get closer to each other. The scene is that 8 episodes will be shot in Australia, and they are portraying a very beautiful picture of Australia, with the attractions of Sydney being one of the main items.
They have a local contact, who tries their best to make them get closer to each other, showing them romantic spots, getting them to try things that they have not done before such as flying in a small tourist plane that takes them around the harbour; they also have other adventures such as a time when Ram gets locked up in a mall with Priya waiting outside, and other such cases. In between, the problem lady is also present in the city, Apeksha gets to know that Ram is in the city and thinks that this is a great time to meet Priya, since she was not able to meet her at the time of marriage.
Apeksha finally meets Priya, and although Priya does not encourage Apeksha, she does hear enough to wonder as to what is happening; and Apeksha gives her a bracelet that she says will provide Ram all the memory he needs to remember Apeksha.
At home, Natasha is wondering about what to do about her pregnancy, she has not told her hubby about it, and decides that this will be too much of a hassle right now, so decides to go off to another city and have an abortion over there. At the same time, her sister-in-law, with whom she is having a tiff, pokes around and concludes that Natasha is pregnant.

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