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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - The truth about Shyam is known to Khushi and her family

The serial shows the life of a young woman called Khushi, and her confused relationship with the business tycoon Arnav. Kshushi is a young woman, idealistic and wanting the best for everybody. She really likes her family, and can be very emotional. Arnav on the other hand is a hard nosed man who does not believe in emotions, for him life is all about deal making.
Khushi has an elder sister Payal whose engagement earlier broke off because of dowry, although Khushi also feels herself responsible for some of that since she was going to speak to the groom, but instead landed up in Arnav's fashion show by mistake. However, Payal did not hold her responsible for the break-up of the marriage and the 2 sisters are very close.
Khushi did not like Arnav, but when Arnav challenged her to work for him, she decided to take on the challenge and work for him for a month. Slowly, as you would expect in such a serial, the distances between them would become less, and they would start getting attracted to each other. Arnav on the other hand is also engaged to a girl named Lavanya, who is slowly starting to get aware that maybe Arnav is feeling something for Khushi.
Arnav has an elder cousin called Aakash who saw Payal and fell in love with her and wants to marry her (although his mother is not no agreeable since she wants her son to marry somebody of his status, somebody from a rich family). Initially, Payal refused Aakash, so Khushi and Arnav decide to plot a way to get Payal to feel for Aakash, and they succeed. Arnav also has a sister called Anjali, who was attached by polio when she was a child. She is married to Shyam, who is a shifty character. Shyam was attracted to Khushi and pretended to her family that he was unmarried and wanted to marry Khushi, but finally his truth is out.

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