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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Manav planning to leave Archana, take daughters, and move to Canada

The separation between Manav and Archana is growing every minute. In the past, they were totally in love with each other, understanding each other even though many people would conspire to separate them. However, things started turning for the bad after the party where Archana handed over Soham to Varsha for her to take care of (believing that Varsha was not cured). However, this was not to be. Manav had objected at that stage, but Archana assured him that everything would be alright. And then the inevitable happened, where Manav noticed Varsha missing, since she had run away from there with Soham. This made Manav very angry with Archana, and he blamed her for everything. He already had some anger inside him for the court case that Archana had launched against him for the housing project, and ultimately the court case went against him.
Now, things are moving very fast. Manav has decided to move to Canada along with family, which does not include Archana, which means that he is now ready for a life without her. He wants to take his mother (who is delighted at a life away from Archana and away from the chawl), his father (who does not like what is happening), and his twin daughters (and Archana is ready to let him take away the daughters).
On the other side, Vaishali is severely tormented, with Dharmesh locking her up; she is finally rescued by her child and runs away from Dharmesh, with Dharmesh hunting after her. Satish, who was very angry about the wrong work done by Varsha, gets a call from Vaishali since she needs the help of Satish to evade the hoodlums chasing after her.

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