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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Major problems between Archana and Manav, Varsha runs away with Soham

Most serials show some kind of deep attachment between people, and then suddenly, something happens that cause them to grow apart from each other, that love suddenly turns to a form of hatred (where they are ready to be away from each other and throw harsh words at each other). And then you can throw in a time leap, where the people are apart from each other and will then meet many years later. Pavitra Rishta is going through the same transformation, where it will go through a time leap, and before the time leap, they have shown that all the relationships in the serial have gone down.
To some extent Archana has caused the problems that have occurred. Already there was tension between her and Manav over the court case that happened when Ajit got bulldozers over to break the chawl, something which was masterminded by Dharmesh as a way of getting revenge. The case proceeds in court, at the same time that Archana is pregnant (she already has Soham and Sachu, and not sure whether she is capable of handling more kids); she finally delivers twin baby girls, and Manav is very happy since he has always wanted a daughter, but then the court order goes against him, where the chawl project is defeated, but Manav is not jailed. This makes Dharmesh and Manjusha unhappy, and causes Vaishali great distress, since she finally leaves Dharmesh.
At a party, Archana hands over Sachu to Varsha for safe keeping, even though she knows that in the past Varsha used to obsess over Sachu, and even though Manav objects, she does not listen to him. The obvious happens, where Varsha runs away with Sachu and Manav blames Archana for all this. When confronted, Varsha jumps into the water along with Sachu and is not found, and Manav totally blames Archana for this, causing a break in their relations.

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