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Friday, December 16, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Exploring a new social evil where wife is used for producing a baby

The serial is now showcasing another social evil that can be like torture for the people who get caught up in it, and with little support from society for those who are afflicted by it. This is the 'nata pratha'; as a result of which Phooli is now suffering. She was apparently married with the sole reason of giving birth to a baby, after which the baby would be taken from her and the person to whom she was married also refused to support her.
Soon after she gave birth to a baby boy, she started seeing some strange customs where she was not allowed to go anywhere with her baby (even when she suggested that she go with her baby to her parents house for some time); and her mother in law refused all such suggestions. And then worse things were to happen.
She was told that now she now no longer had a claim to the baby, and it belonged to her husband and his first wife, and she was turned out from the house. When she pleaded to atleast provide her milk to the baby, even that was refused. Frustrated, she tried to take the baby away, but was detected and badly beaten and then turned away.
When she was wandering around in a shocked state, she was seen by Shivani, who supported her and took her to Anandi's house since Phooli was mentioning the name of Anandi. There, the story of Phooli was revealed to all, and Anandi was badly shocked, promising that she would get Phooli the justice due to her. And since Anandi was now the sarpanch of the village, one would assume that it would be easier for her to get justice, but for now, it does not seem like that the village people would support her.

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