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Monday, December 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Gopi finally recovered, and Rashi being taken back to Modi house

After some long tense moments (caused due to Gopi getting injured by a falling slab after the rescue of Rashi from the kidnappers), finally the doctors declared that Gopi is out of danger. There was all the usual drama, such as the fact that her blood group was a bit different (apparently only Urmi had that blood group, and not even Rashi, her own daughter). Urmi first refuses to give blood, and is then firmly persuaded to give her blood.
Finally, Gopi is fine, and though the doctor was worried about her going into coma, some strong words from Ahem persuaded Gopi that she needs to get better, and she did not fall into a coma. Now, there is a changed Ahem, who probably realized how much he actually loved Gopi. He cares for her, spends a lot of time in the hospital while she is recovering, show a lot of his care, and overall does a great job of portraying a concerned husband.
Finally, it is time for them to come home, and Ahem gets her discharged from the hospital and brings her home. At this time, Gopi asks Koki to forgive Rashi, something that Kokila is not really willing to do, although she has seen some signs of change in Rashi (she is mostly angry with Rashi for forever planning something cunning, mostly inspired by her mother Urmi). Rashi's husband Jigar also notices a transformation in her, especially when she asks for forgiveness from Gopi, or when she took her mother out of the hospital.
So, finally the Modi ladies go to Rashi's house and decide to bring her home, something that leaves both Rashi and Urmi very surprised and shocked. Urmi warns Rashi that this is not the end, that she will not get her true status and will need to do more drama, but Rashi is somehow finally recognizing that her mother's tactics are causing all the problems.

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