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Friday, August 31, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Megha gets to know the truth

The serial was always a light look at the life of these people, but for the past several weeks, it has been getting into very serious issues; and the most serious issue is the current state of the relationship between Mohan and Megha. For Megha, life was good. After a lot of time, she realized that she was indeed in love with Mohan, and with this realization, things started moving in the right direction. The marriage happened with the proper rituals and with the permission and approval of her current inlaws and she moved into Mohan's house (although his mother was not approving of this relationship). One drawback was that she got to learn from Riddhima that Mohan and Riddhima almost got married for the sake of her father (Riddhima did not tell her that the marriage actually took place, while Mohan assumed that Megha now knows and was still fine after some disapproval).
However, when they came to Nepal for the honeymoon (along with children), things started going worse. In a coincidence that can only happen in Indian serials or movies, they landed up in the same hotel where Riddhima had joined for a job, and this seeing of Megha and Mohan together as a happy couple led Riddhima to have a turnabout and realize that she cannot see them happy together, and she started getting in a bad to worse condition. Mohan was also astounded, even more so when he learnt that Riddhima had not told the whole truth to Megha; and then Megha also learns the truth when sees the stamp paper that carried the divorce petition of Mohan and Riddhima.
For megha, this is a big shock since that also means that the marriage between Megha and Mohan is also illegal (his divorce from Riddhima not having come through as yet), and also that Mohan hid something this big from her. She is now confronting Mohan for what he did.

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