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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Phir Subah Hogi - Aditya has a sardhakai with Sugni

As expected, things got more complicated on the show. For some time, there was the romance between the thakur Vikram and Sugni, although it seemed impossible for most people, given the vast social differences between the two. However, over a period of time, Vikram thakur helped Sugni in a number of ways and this made sure that she looked at him in a positive light, and when he confessed his love to her, it did not take much time for her to fall in love with him, confess the same to him, and then agree to get married to him.
Her mother, his relatives and everybody else was not comfortable with this relation because of the economic and class differences between them, and even though her mother was not at all comfortable, Sugni decided to go ahead with the marriage. And then the inevitable happened, where this dream of Sugni came to an end. The serial showed, slowly, the presence of another women, and it was revealed that this lady, kept hidden away, was actually the wife of Vikram Thakur. This lady, Reva, makes her presence felt at the marriage ceremony, bringing the dreams of Sugni crashing down; she runs away from there and refuses to listen to what Vikram had to say.
And now the story moves to a difference level, where the younger thakur, Aditya, decides to do the sardakhai of Sugni, with many surprised as to how Sugni could agree for this, since, even though she was a bedni, she was against this custom. However, so far they are showing that Aditya has only a nice intent.

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