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Friday, August 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - The reason why Yash is so angry is getting revealed

There is a sudden turmoil in the life of Yash and Aarti, a life that was only slowly getting settled. Yash is suddenly behaving very erratically, telling Aarti that he does not want to see her, that she should not come in front of him, and that they essentially have no relation anymore. This is very surprising, since till now, there was a feeling that the relation was improving, that he would get over the memory of his dead wife and accept Aarti as his wife. Even his family had come to believe that Aarti was the best person for him and in fact were urging her on to ensure that Yash comes to forget the strong memory of his dead wife and accept Aarti fully. The children had also come to accept her as their mother and Yash as their father; so this sudden drama was very surprising for everybody.
Things go so serious that the family members, including his mother wanted Aarti to accept that Yash no longer accepted her as his wife and to leave, but slowly things starting getting revealed. They had all gone to Mumbai, and there, due to a fire, Yash has to make a choice in a situation where he had to save Aarti, or to save the precious memories of his dead wife and he made the natural choice of Aarti, and this in turn seems to have turned him very angry. This realization is slowly coming to Aarti that this may have been the reason for the reaction that he is facing.

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