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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Jagat learns the truth about what Gauri has done

For a long time in the serial, there was a lot of love between Jagat and Gauri, something which developed over a period of many years, and one could see that Gauri did love Jagat a lot. However, at the same time, she was also aware that the relationship between Jagat and her was a bit tenous and so she had to push his family away from him. So, over a period of time, she did a number of activities that either pushed them away, created more distances between Jagat and Anandi and also created emotional blackmail to get Jagat more to her side. Even when it was revealed that Bhairon had actually funded her education, she hid this from Jagat; and then on one occasion when Jagat almost got to know details about Bade Papa and his funding, she became very angry.
On the other hand, the Anandi's life was improving, Shiv was in love with her and got his parents and family to accept her (except for his sister who somehow has not accepted this relationship, being pampered and a bit selfish). Now, it will be interesting when Jagat comes back at the exact time when there are preparations being made for the marriage activities. How will this impact Anandi's life.

1 comment:

Chirs L said...

This is a real twist in the tv serial. It was an interesting episode.... and now it will be more interesting to see how Jagat will behave in Aanandi's engagement ceremony.

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