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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Purvi kidnapped by Vishnu, rescued by Arjun

What an introduction for Vishnu (actually Soham, the long lost son of Archana and Manav who was kidnapped by Varsha and presumed dead when he was very young). Varsha had run away from there and found her way out of the city, and was finally involved with a gang. Soham's name was changed to Vishnu, and inspite of the best efforts of Varsha, Vishnu was involved with the gang and hence a bad character.
Seeking to make money from Manav, the gang members were shadowing Manav but were detected and hence police protection for Manav was arranged. Vishnu finally decided to kidnap Ovi, since that would mean that ransom money would get easily paid, and so it happened. They decided to kidnap Ovi, but at the last minute, due to the confusion of Purvi wearing a sari of the same color, Purvi got kidnapped indeed. Manav took responsibility for ensuring that Purvi would be released by arranging for the ransom, and also prohibiting the police or Arjun from following him. However, both these groups decide to ignore what Manav was telling them, and followed him. Seeing the police, Vishnu was enraged, and then Arjun also intervened. But when trying to take Purvi away, he got shot. In the melee, he came again after some time, and got shot again, but this time the police also got in the midst and managed to get Purvi out.
In the hospital, the doctors finally declare Arjun out of danger; both Ovi and Purvi are incredibly happy but Arjun reaches out for Purvi which shocks Ovi and she leaves from there. At the same time, Vishnu is apparently not caught but his gang member is caught. Varsha is leaving for Mumbai to find out what happened to Vishnu.

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