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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Getting closer to learning the secret of Vishnu (Soham)

A couple of different stories now ongoing in the serial, although some of them are being dragged. Right now, everybody has accepted the relationship between Purvi and Arjun, except for Ovi. Ovi has not accepted that Arjun no longer has a relationship with her, and this causes discomfort to everybody. Manav is distressed that Ovi is in this state and blames Arjun for this, and to some extent blames Archana for accepting Arjun even though she had initially stated that Arjun was not suitable for any of her daughters. Savita also will not accept the relationship while Teju is unsure about what is happening. DK on the other hand has no problems with Purvi, since he believes that she shares the value system that Archana has, and that is fine with him.
However, this relationship will be in a problem, with Punni trying to provoke Ovi to get the relationship ended; and it seems that in the next few episodes, Ovi will be able to get this done and force Arjun to come towards her; this seems impossible right now, but things can go any way.
On the other hand, Varsha has learnt that the person who Vishnu had tried to kidnap was his own sister and she is trying to get Vishnu back on the right track, something which seems very difficult right now. Manav is bent on getting Vishnu convicted for the kidnapping that he had got done, and it seems fair since he committed a major crime, and also shot at Arjun twice, something which landed Arjun in a major medical problem.

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