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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serials - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Finally Ram and Piya meet

The serial has been tantalizing viewers for quite some time with the concept of Ram and Piya meeting up finally after so many years of separation. Once before, the serial had showed a meeting between the 2 in Dubai, but that was revealed to be a thought rather than a real occurrence. One hopes that the show will not show this again, and will get them to be together, but knowing how Ekta designs her shows, there might be a lot of drama still left as a part of this meeting. Further, the serial has taken the story to the point where they show Rajat wanting to propose to Priya, and one wonders whether there will be some misunderstanding on that area as well, and Ayesha would also not sit quiet and do something. Plus, it might be difficult for Priya to explain how and why she hid away for 5 years and did not reveal herself.
So, Priya is now in Mumbai, coming to the city along with Pihu, Rajat and Daija to located Kady, who has run away from Dubai once she heard of the fact that her mother had deserted Rajat and he was taking care of them once her mother had left. At that time, she was also angry with Priya for speaking in favor of Rajat. However, in Mumbai with the help of Ram and others in the family, Priya is able to located Kady and find her and then get her to come to her senses and realize that Rajat is really interested in her welfare and is taking care of her. With this realization, Kady comes to her senses and acknowledges that she would need to go back to Dubai.
One wonders that with both families knowing each other, there is no one who had seen the photo of Priya in Ram's house and understood the person they know as Pooja was actually Priya. But now, at a marriage where Priya is taking Pihu around, and coincidentally Ram is also there, first Ram runs into Pihu and then Priya runs into him. With this, Ram will also get to know that Pihu is his daughter.

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