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Friday, September 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - The marriage breaks up

The serial has gone into mega-drama mode. It was expected that the marriage between Khushi and Arnav would not be smooth, given that the makers of the serial have been pushing the story of Garima and the confrontation between Garima and Dadi and Dadi's efforts to ensure that the marriage does not happen. Dadi did not block the events leading to the marriage, and Arnav was anyhow not listening to her.
However, things got problematic on the day of the marriage. Dadi finally unveils her weapon and takes Arnav aside and tells him the whole story of Garima, and how her presence and actions caused him and Anjali to become an orphan. This really shocks Arnav. While Arnav is shocked, Dadi goes to the marriage mandap and starts talking to Garima, and ultimately everybody learns about the past and how this caused their two families to have interacted in the past, not in a good way.
And then Dadi leaves from there, leaving everybody shocked. Khushi is shocked, but does not move from there. For a long time, there is no movement, everybody else leaves and it is only the families who are staying there. Even though Buaji thinks that Khushi is in shock, Khushi does not move from there saying that Arnav will come and she does not want to move from there since Arnav would come. In the meantime, Arnav is going through a lot of disorientation, remembering both his interactions with his mother, and with Kshushi and is very confused. He does finally come to the mandap, but the serial leaves it vague about what will happen next, since they show Arnav being very bitter.

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