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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Some discoveries start to happen

There were a lot of people who wanted a quick meeting between Ram and Priya, but when you look at the serial over the past many weeks, it is quite clear that the meeting would be a major point, and hence there is a lot of sense to drag things as much as possible. And so it has happened. Even though the serial showed a meeting between Ram and his daughter, something that Priya could see and also approve of, the meeting between Ram and Priya could not happen, even though they were pretty close to each other at various points. For Priya, when she sees that Ram is married to her own sister, she backs off and decides to ensure that she will not approach Ram.
On the other side, there are things that are moving closer. First, her own sister, Ayesha, learns that Priya is still alive, and gets very scared since her marriage to Ram and the stature she has got since then would come to an end. She also knows that Ram remains devoted to the memory of Priya and if he gets to know, it would cause her nothing but problems.
And then there is Rajat. One wonders whether they will indeed show a triangle between Rajat and Priya, with Ram also being there. Seems a bit strange since Priya remains dedicated to Ram even though she is not with him. Now, Rajat has learnt that the lady who he knows as Pooja is actually Priya Sharma; Priya also learns that the hard nosed businessman she knows as Rajat is also the author called Anjaan, who has written the book that inspired her and gave her confidence. In India, Ram has finally managed to ensure that the truth is out, the blame for the chemical mix-up is put on Sid and Priya is officially clear of all charges. Things would start to move at a faster pace, hopefully.

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