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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Purvi sacrifices her marriage for getting her mother accepted

One knew that such sort of things will happen. When the serial can create such a gap between the lead pair who were so much in love with each other, then it is very easy to show that the marriage of Purvi would not happen. One of course finds it a bit difficult to understand how this can be a Pavitra Rishta when there is no meeting of minds or hearts.
Purvi has a strong feeling that her mother is not getting her due, with no respect from her other daughters, and an impending divorce from her husband, somebody whom she loves dearly. So when the chance comes to demonstrate her love for her mother, when Ovi comes to her with a message that she will accept Archana as her mother if Purvi can get Arjun to marry Ovi, Purvi makes up her mind that this is what she will do.
So, she meets up with Arjun just on the eve of the marriage, hits him with the blow that she wants him to marry Ovi, something that he had already left behind, and be happy. Arjun is totally blown with this, but under blackmail from Purvi, finally agrees and does the marriage.
Even everybody in various sets of families are shocked, with Savita probably being the only happy one. Arjun told Ovi that this will not be a happy relationship; and even her family members know that Arjun had made his feelings towards Ovi clear in the past.

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