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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Shyaam sets a plan in motion that attacks Anjali again

The character of Shyaam is very difficult to understand. Earlier, he felt trapped due to his marriage with Anjali while he wanted Khushi, and as a part of the effort to get Anjali out of his live, he tries a number of attempts to kill Anjali; none of these end up working and no one gets to know what he is doing. Further, when Arnav discovers that Shyaam was cheating on Anjali and was interested in Khushi, he ends up taking the extreme step of forcefully getting Khushi married to him so that Shyaam cannot go after her. However, Shyaam does not end his tactics, and in the end, it is Arnaav who finally kicks him out of the house since he already knows the secret of Shyaam.
However, the presence of Shyaam in the serial brings in the villain factor which is otherwise not present, and hence the serial makers had to bring him back, and so they do. For some time, they show Anjali acting a bit strange and then they show Shyaam and Anjali getting back in touch, and then further, Dadi also gets in the action, encouraging this; she does not know what is happening and in her arrogance, decides that she needs to get Shyam back in the house, and this will be done when the god-bharai function is happening.
At the god-bharai function, Shyaam's plan is to create a major disaster which will bring him back in the house, and for this purpose, he steals back into the house and then plans a disaster to strike into Anjali's life - he puts glass on the floor which causes her legs to get injured, and then a wire onto the staircase which finally causes her to fall; and then the inevitable where her baby gets aborted. So, shyaam essentially kills his own baby.

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